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Orphans From the Forgotten Corners of Russia, on a Mobile Phone

“I can’t say that as kids we had any problems,” Dmitry Markov tells me. “Well, now I realise it’s not quite normal to hang out in abandoned construction areas, have our arms broken, smoke, and breathe in glue fumes, but it all just seemed like an ordinary boyish life. At least in my neighbourhood. My father was an alcoholic. To me and most of my friends, this was normal.” With his photographs, Markov, a 35-year-old volunteer who works with orphaned children in eastern Russia, is paying homage to his own precarious upbringing. Despite their circumstances, the kids on his Instagram invariably have mischievous glints in their eyes, jumping through windows, grappling on wrestling mats, climbing on things they shouldn’t be climbing on. Markov lived this life, and knows these kids – and the unfettered joy that comes through in his work, set against consistently intriguing smalltown Russian backdrops, is a refreshing look at Russia’s deprived children. Markov was born in 1982 in Pushkino, a factory town which had long since seen its factories closed down. The …


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