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Getxophoto Festival probes post-global society from 31 August

“Where are ‘we’ going as a collective society?” That’s the question posed by this year’s Getxophoto Festival, back for its 11th edition under the stewardship of new artistic director, Bilbao-born Monica Allende. The festival, which opens on 31 August and runs until 01 October 2017, comprises 20 main exhibitions, many of them outdoors, and a lively programme of activity and events unfurling around the coastal town of Getxo in the Basque country. “‘Transitions’, the theme for the next three instalments of the festival, starts from the idea that we are entering “a period of post-globalisation”, says Allende, a former photo editor at The Sunday Times. “This concept has been on the fringes of debate for some time but is gathering momentum in mainstream discourse. “We see its effects through increased polarisation of political debate around the threats of climate change, the refugee crisis and the rise of nationalist populism. This is a moment of major uncertainties, where the status quo of the state and global free-market agreements are being questioned as solutions for a balanced …


Tim Hetherington Visionary Award gives £20,000 grant to experimental conservation documentary

Dutch-American filmmaking team Eline Jongsma and Kel O’Neill have been named as the first winners of the new Tim Hetherington Visionary Award. The duo saw off 64 other nominated artists to win the £20,000 prize, which was set up by the Tim Hetherington Trust in 2014, in memory of the celebrated British photojournalist who was killed covering the civil war in Libya in 2011. “We’re still processing the news,” says O’Neill on Skype from California where the couple lives. “It’s something we regard as much a responsibility as an honour. We have such an immense amount of respect for anything done in Tim’s name, [which] carries a resonance, and has to be respected… this is a certificate of validation for us.” Speaking exclusively to BJP before the announcement, Stephen Mayes, executive director of the Trust said: “The true essence of Tim was about moving forwards, innovation, and trying to solve the ‘media puzzle’ – how do we use the media in a way that is really effective? By setting up the award in Tim’s name, we …


Tim Hetherington Trust unveils new award shortlist

The legacy of British photographer and filmmaker Tim Hetherington lives on in a brand new award that celebrates innovation in visual storytelling. More than sixty photographers, filmmakers and visual artists were nominated for the £20,000 Visionary Award by an international team of industry experts, and six (four individuals and a duo) have made the shortlist. Dominic Bracco II was chosen for The Backs of Men, a three-chapter series that combines photography, video and theatre to explore the border region of Texas and Mexico, and ‘the killing fields’ of Honduras. Colombia-based Erika Diettes was shortlisted for Reliquaries, an installation that looks at the country’s ‘disappeared’ by encasing photographs and objects that belong to the missing persons in an amber-like substance. These ‘memorials’ will be arranged in a designated space to evoke the feeling of walking through a graveyard. The short film Fight Hate With Love, created by Andrew Michael Ellis and Mediastorm, follows young black American Michael Tabon, caught up in a cycle of imprisonment but now focused on promoting his message of community, love and …


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