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A co-operative that thrived on creative equality: Elliott Landy’s The Band Photographs from 1968/69

The Band are a curious beast. World-class session players who specialised in Americana despite being four-fifths Canadian, they inspire the kind of reverence among rock musicians that is generally reserved for more obviously virtuosic players. They are probably best known amongst younger audiences for their farewell concert film, The Last Waltz – directed by Martin Scorsese and featuring a panoply of stars, including Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan himself. Thus, their eight-year period of touring and recording together is exceptional for its success – they are a group apparently without a de jure leader, and whose songwriting is too-often pedestrian, yet whose appeal rests on sensational arrangement, cogency and extemporisation. They were also capable of striking musical invention that could go under the radar amidst the familiar tropes of folksy roots-rock. Consequently, it is the human relationships at the heart of The Band that give Landy’s photographs added appeal to longtime fans. Much has been made of the rift that grew between supposed arranger-in-chief Robbie Robertson and late drummer Levon Helm …


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