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Trial and Error: Daniel Stier shoots the art of the experiment

In one of the essays for Daniel Stier’s book, Ways of Knowing, Pedro Ferreira, professor of astrophysics at Oxford University, describes the scientific process in a surprising way. “I found experimental work to be a different way of doing, unlike art or theory, yet, in some ways, much more organic, irrational and intuitive.” We are accustomed to making firm, simplistic divisions between the creative freewheeling art world and the disciplined, empirical structures of science. And yet here is an Oxford don extolling virtues not commonly associated with the science of our imagination – organic, irrational, intuitive. It’s precisely this apparent contradiction that attracted Stier, whose book consists of two projects exploring his fascination with the experiment as an art form. “I FOUND EXPERIMENTAL WORK TO BE A DIFFERENT WAY OF DOING, UNLIKE ART OR THEORY, YET, IN SOME WAYS, MUCH MORE ORGANIC, IRRATIONAL AND INTUITIVE.”   Eight years ago the London-based photographer happened across an image of an experiment involving a human subject and became fascinated by the interplay between the strange environment and the unknown research project. …


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