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Markus Brunetti’s Monumental Church Façades

He got the idea for it while travelling through the continent with his partner, Betty Schöner, in their so-called “expedition truck”. A vehicle they’d converted themselves, the truck allowed them to live and work on the move, travelling from country to country on what the Bavarian calls their “Grand Tour”; it also allowed them to take time out from their busy working lives as commercial photographers, and to let projects unfold at their own rate. Born into a family of builders and architects, Brunetti soon found himself drawn to the sacred places they were passing on the way. “During the first year of our journey, I developed a precise visual idea of how to approach the series – a very clear, minimal, reduced representation of the façades, an idealised picture so to speak,” says the 50-year-old. “I studied the original drawings and plans of the façades I was interested in. The technical realisation developed over time and is something I refine and improve on with each new work.” All of the churches and cathedrals in …


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