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Sara Cwynar – Flat Death

The starting point for Sara Cwynar’s Flat Death is a term Roland Barthes uses in his seminal book, Camera Lucida, the Vancouver-born photographer says. “Buried in the latter part of the book, Barthes talks about ‘flat death’, and this idea that photography can bring back what has gone, and also remind you of what’s [no longer there],” says Cwynar, who lives and works in New York. “I started to think about this idea in relation to discarded objects and images, and [how I could] resurrect them. Collecting and reworking found images has always been part of my practice, but this gave me a new framework in which to work.” Cwynar, who studied graphic design before taking up photography, started the project last June. She uses images sourced from darkroom manuals, old encyclopedias, flea markets and the New York Public Library Picture Collection, which she manipulates “to create altered versions of the original image”. Her process involves scanning and enlarging the images to create prints on which she “rebuilds” the original images using collected objects and …


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