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“The smartphone is just another tool… it’s the story that matters.”

Last night saw the launch of FLTR, Apptitude Media’s new smartphone photography magazine, at the Apple Store in Regent Street, London. A good crowd turned out despite the poor weather to hear FLTR editor and associate editor of British Journal of Photography, Olivier Laurent, photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind and smartphone photography consultant Oliver Lang discuss the impact smartphones have had on their lives and work, and the impact of these devices more widely on photography. [bjp_ad_slot] Laurent opened the discussion with an introduction to the new weekly magazine, which is produced by the team behind British Journal of Photography. He spoke about how the introduction of the iPhone and other smartphones revolutionised the way we think about and take pictures. “Massive changes are happening in this industry, but it’s not negative change,” Laurent told the audience. “If you use a smartphone in a smart way, if you incorporate it into your work, it’s just another tool. It doesn’t really matter what you’re using as long as the story is there. That is what matters.” VII photographer Taylor-Lind gave a presentation about how she …


New smartphone photography magazine launched

Created by the team behind the multi-award-winning British Journal of Photography magazine, FLTR is designed to be an authoritative voice within the booming worldwide community of smartphone image creators, and includes exclusive interviews with both amateur and professional photographers, highlighting the latest techniques, apps, devices, trends and accessories in smartphone photography. The first issues of FLTR feature a thought-provoking article by Fred Ritchin, professor of photography and imaging at New York University and former picture editor of The New York Times Magazine, writing about the impact smartphones would have had during traumatic events such as the 9/11 attacks on the US. Further pieces include an interview with Instagram superstar VuThéara Kham, one of the most popular French Instagrammers, a profile of The New York Times Magazine’s director of photography, Kathy Ryan, who makes extensive use of Instagram to share her own images and source photographers for commission, and a look at the popular Everyday Africa project, among many other articles. The weekly publication is built around a clean, intuitive user interface, bespoke for iPhone. Edited by Olivier Laurent, associate editor of British Journal of …


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