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Living Room by Jana Sophia Nolle

Conditions for homeless people in San Francisco, California are thought to be among the worst in the world. Though it consistently ranks among the top three most expensive places to live in the US, in a report from September 2018, UN special rapporteur Leilina Farha condemned the “cruel and inhumane treatment” of homeless people in San Francisco as “a violation of multiple human rights”. German photographer Jana Sophia Nolle first visited the city in 2016, and was struck by this shocking disparity between the rich and poor.  According to the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, on any given night, more than 7,000 people experience homelessness, with at least 4,000 sleeping unsheltered. At the same time, the city is home to Silicone Valley, and half of all the tech billionaires in the world. “I noticed that although these two worlds share a sidewalk, they are so disconnected in daily life,” says Nolle, “For me, this whole project was about forming human connections and relationships”. Nolle has spent the past two years travelling between Berlin and San Francisco, making …


The Temps Zero experience hits Foto Wien 2019

Since 2012, Temps Zero has matched emerging photographers and cutting-edge music, creative “a sonic and visual experience” that has popped up in Paris, Berlin, Athens, Rome, and many more. No two performances are alike, but the project is overseen by Stéphane Charpentier, a French photographer currently based in Athens.

Temps Zero’s next outing is in Vienna during Foto Wien 2019, with a photo projection in the Schikaneder Kino on 23 March, 24 March and 13 April accompanied by a soundtrack record by Alyssa Moxley, plus a photography show in the cinema. Guest-curated by Damien Daufresne and Kunstnetzwerk, the show includes images by French photographers Gaël Bonnefon and Gabrielle Duplantier, Italian photographers Marco Marzocchi and Lorenzo Castore, and Swedish photographers Theo Elias and Martin Bogren


Gabriela Morawetz’s Imponderables

Born in Poland, educated in Switzerland, resident in Caracas, Venezuela from 1975-83, and now living in Paris, Gabriela Morawetz is a truly global citizen and artist, who has exhibited in galleries and museums across North and South America and Europe, including the Chicago Cultural Center, the Gallery of Modern Art in Lodz, Poland, The Recanaty Foundation Museum in Israel, and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Caracas.

Even so, she creates her own worlds in her photography, microcosms in which most of the elements are literally made by her. Her latest show, Unwägbarkeiten / Imponderables, features a series of images using painting, canvas, glass, metal, and reflections, drawing on her background in painting, sculpture, and engraving, which she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow before moving into photography.


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