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Photo London: Another Kind of Life explained by Barbican curator Alona Pardo

“They’re all driven by motivations that are both personal and political to a degree, and they are all self-initiated projects,” says curator Alona Pardo of the photographers in the show Another Kind of Life: Photography on the Margins. “Some may have started as commissions, but very early on took on a life of their own. It was interesting to think about the role of the photographer, because often the photographer hides behind the camera as a facade. There is also an interesting subtext of the photographer occupying the position of an outsider within mainstream society. They are there, assertively documenting the world.”


A new gallery in Turin promises renaissance in Italian photography

Three years ago, Lorenza Bravetta, director of Magnum Photos in Paris, started to feel “a strong need to come back to Italy.” After living abroad for 17 years, she decided she wanted to return home to Turin, Italy, and create a “lasting and dramatic” photography institution. After a lot of work, her idea has been realised to remarkable effect. She is now the director of Camera, the Centro Italiano per la Fotografia; a specialist photography gallery in the heart of the city which boasts 2000 square meters of floor space. Based at number 18 Via delle Rosine, in premises leased from the local Opera Munifica Istruzione (an Institution of Public Aid and Charity) known as the Isolato di Santa Pelagia, Camera has repurposed a 19th century building where the very first public school of the Kingdom of Italy was founded. “Architect Benedetto Camerana has entirely renovated the space for us, but the original structure is still vey much visible, with a corridor around 70m long constituting its backbone,” says Francesco Zanot, Camera’s chief curator, who …


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