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See the winners of BJP & theprintspace’s Showcase Competition


This year Joseph Ball, graduate of the BA photography programme at Falmouth University, was selected as the best in show at the Free Range Graduate Shows by BJP’s editorial director Simon Bainbridge. In addition to Ball, photographers Nic Rue and Ross Parker were highly commended.  Despite only recently graduating, Ball’s work is self-assured, focusing on the way images are absorbed in contemporary society and how that affects man’s relationship with the natural world. “There’s a constant onslaught of information through advertising and television and the internet and social media, so I’m reacting to that in my own way just by shooting impulsively at things I find strange. “Then I layer process upon process onto these images and leave artefacts of each process behind to hint at this confusion and just how deceptive and other-worldly images can be.” His grainy, bleakly monochrome photographs push the limits of an image’s capabilities to draw the viewer’s attention to the deceptive qualities of photography. “If you look at something like Google Street View, there are these seemingly objective presentations of …


BJP #7837: Look and Learn

What does the perfect art college look like? The Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne in Switzerland, profiled in our July issue (now on sale at newsagents in the UK and selected countries abroad, or via iTunes for our iPad edition, or directly from The BJP Shop), must come pretty close, with its balance of the vocational, the conceptual and a dash of the downright weird. Not to mention first-class facilities housed in a state-of-the-art building near Lake Geneva, sensibly priced course fees (€800 per term), and a workshop programme made up of visiting lectures by some of the world’s leading photographers, including Thomas Mailaender’s now legendary woodland survival course. If that all sounds a little different to your own art college experience, then how about this for a schedule: “I think something very specific about ECAL is that we are very pragmatic – we start at 8am in the morning and we finish quite late,” says Milo Keller, the photography course leader since 2012. “The students have to work really, really hard – we don’t …


Hometown America: Chris Gravett’s undiscovered Arkansas

“I Googled myself, as you do, and accidently added an ‘e’ to the end of my name,” says 64-year-old recent graduate Chris Gravett. “The city of Gravette in northwest Arkansas came up. Wikipedia says it has a population of 2300 – 90% white, with 23 churches, in an area of four square miles. I thought it was such a bizarre demographic I wanted to know more.” And so began the making of Gravette The Heart of Hometown America, which is currently on exhibit at the Free Range Graduate Art and Design Show at The Old Truman Brewery in east London – a summer season of shows celebrating up-and-coming graduate talent in the fields of art, design, fashion, photography and architecture. Chris researched further and discovered that the city of Gravette was founded by a man named Ellis Tillman Gravett – without the ‘e’ – in 1893. A further ancestral search uncovered that Ellis Tillman was British, a settler originally from Steyling in Sussex, and that their ancestral lines cross in the early 16th century. Inspired …


Attention all photography graduates: BJP is looking for the cream of this year's crop to feature in the projects section of our summer issues. Picture shows our August 2014 issue, featuring the work of Nottingham Trent graduate Ben Swanson (left) and Middlesex graduate Johanna Churchill (right)

Class of 2015: get your work in a special print issue of BJP

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be featured in a forthcoming special issue of BJP, and you are graduating from a higher education photography course in the UK or Ireland this summer, we want to see your work. BJP prides itself on spotting new talent, each year giving a platform to emerging photographers graduating from colleges and universities across the UK and Ireland to showcase their work with their peers and photo industry VIPs. The best we see will feature in print in our Projects section in our June, July and August summer editions, and a further number given global exposure across our online and social media platforms, reaching more than half a million people worldwide. To be considered, simply send a link to your final year work, or attach a maximum of eight low res JPEGs totalling no more than 5MB, to the editor at It is vital that you write into the subject line of the email, ‘Class of 2015’, and that you graduating this summer from a recognised …


In a gesture and a flash

“The Hour Between is about the frustrations of not being able to access the full creative potential of your subconscious mind,” says 22-year-old Laura Kale, who has just completed a BA in photography at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester. “It’s a bit like that feeling when you have the most bizarre dream, but it vanishes from your memory when you wake up, and you cannot relax your mind enough to reclaim what you saw. “The project is about a figure who takes on a new state, which is not quite human but not quite ‘other’, as she interacts with her surroundings. She is breaking free of inner frustrations and, with that, taking on a new form.” Kale’s aim, she explains, is to suggest something manifesting before the viewer’s eyes – “although you never quite know what you are looking at”. [bjp_ad_slot] The figure in each image is Kale herself. “The angles of the body and gestures came about through reading about performance artists while researching my dissertation, and Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis,” she explains. …


Graduates question photography and meaning in projects that touch on UFO sightings and a remote island in the South Atlantic

If you’ve heard of fourteen-nineteen – the publisher behind books by Jamie Hawkesworth, Daniel Shea and Sean Vegezzi – you may be surprised to hear that its founders are only just graduating. Lewis Chaplin and Alex F Webb started collaborating in 2008 after finding each other’s work on Flickr. After studying together on the art foundation course at Camberwell College of Arts, Webb went to the University of Brighton to do photography and Chaplin headed to Goldsmiths College to study anthropology, with a particular interest in visual anthropology. The pair continued to publish books together and work on collaborative projects (such as Mr Cad, which documents the eponymous Croydon camera shop’s last hour of trading), while also working on their own projects. Webb’s two related projects, Blind Landing Experimental Unit (BLEU) and Sunrise County, both take alien life on earth as their subjects. BLEU focuses on Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, the location of Britain’s most famous UFO sighting, while Sunrise County purports to show photographs by a Suffolk local named Norman Scoggins, as well as images by …


Dancers frozen mid-jump

Curious about the temporary state of weightlessness we experience when jumping, Tomas Januska decided to make it the theme of his final-year project at the University of East London. Approaching dancers from companies including the Rambert and English National Ballet, he photographed them using a simple one or two flash setup. The Lithuanian-born photographer, who took up photography in 2009, spent seven months working on the series, entitled Gravity. “I wanted my final project for my BA to capture a sense of movement, life and freedom,” he says. “People are moving less and less, so I wanted to show what they are missing out on. As the project evolved, I photographed ordinary people as well as dancers because I realised that some professional dancers are restricted by the rules of dance… photographing people who are not associated with dance or sport was the best decision I could have made because they did not know the rules of dance and consequently were able to ‘give themselves away’ in the studio.” Each person he photographed made between …


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