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OpenWalls 2020: The hidden landscapes where our food is produced

Many people have seen polytunnels, but few have witnessed the vast manmade landscapes that are engineered within their polythene walls. In a new series shot across the UK –  entitled Polytunnel – Marco Kesseler ventures inside these structures and quietly contemplates the hidden spaces in which our food is produced. “Nature always vies for its own control, dominance and space,” says Kesseler reflecting on the work, which explores the relationship between chaos and control in the natural environment. “Farmers seek to control that space, which creates an interesting balance.” In the series, photographs  show wild shrubs clawing against the outside of the polytunnel plastic, or fallen leaves settled on the structure juxtaposed with streams of artificial sunlight that are projected onto the material inside. Beneath the polythene skin, seasons are stretched and softened, and minute changes compound over time to transform the landscape. Shot over the course of a year, Kesseler was interested in the changing of the seasons within this controlled space, and the different stages throughout the annual cycle of planting, growing and …


OpenWalls 2020 is now open for entries

This year marks the second edition of OpenWalls, an international award aimed at creating opportunities for photographers to exhibit their work around the globe. Continuing from the success of our inaugural edition, this year’s OpenWalls exhibition will also be held in Arles to coincide with Les Rencontres d’Arles 2020.   The theme of this year’s exhibition is Growth. We are calling for images that convey a sense of change or transition, which can draw either on personal growth, or the changes that one witnesses in everyday life. We hope the images will reflect both positive and negative responses to change, whether this be in the form of nature and the environment, or in the growth of an individual, of a community, of ideas or movements. The award will culminate in a group show at Galerie Huit Arles, a 17th century mansion and gallery space that has been at the heart of photography in Arles for over a decade. For the first time, the award is split into two categories. In the Series category, photographers are …


Sure shot – at the edge of the city in China, shot by Lv Meng

“The beautiful blooms seemed lonely and desolate. Sadly, it reminded me of the fact that soon it would be razed to the ground, into dull but common urban landscape with standing skyscrapers,” says Lv Meng. His photograph comes from the series Urban Fringes which explores the growth of megacities as the slowly expand outwards and take over the countryside.


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