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A look inside Guantanamo Bay’s giftshop

After 12 years working as a lawyer, Debi Cornwall began to explore life in, and the legacy of, the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. As well as being a controversial military enclave on the soil of a sovereign state, the base’s prison (often shortened to GTMO, or Gitmo, by American soldiers stationed there) continues to hold more than a hundred men detained for many years as part of the US government’s War on Terror. The latest segment of Cornwall’s project, after the previous series Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play, looks not at the heavily regulated prison, but instead at the commodification of the experience of war. Gitmo on Sale documents souvenir items sold in the base’s shops and explicitly marketed to the American soldiers stationed there. Cornwall explains: ‘I became interested in exploring the role of commerce in the exercise of American power there after photographing some of the signage inside the NEX [the base’s military-subsidised supermarket]. “The souvenirs I photographed were selected for one of two reasons: either they celebrated the military experience explicitly, …


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