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Phase One joins race for first CMOS-based, medium format camera

Just three days after Hasselblad announced it would launch the first CMOS-based, medium format camera, Phase One now claims its own 50-megapixel IQ250 CMOS medium format digital camera back is available from today. A CMOS-based, medium format camera is said to offer increased ISO sensitivity and exposure time. The IQ250, which sports a 44x33mm sensor – 68 percent larger than traditional full-frame digital SLR sensors – has a dynamic range of 14 f-stops, an ISO range of 100 to 6400, and exposure times of 1/10,000s to one hour. The digital back also offers a live view option. “We are very proud to introduce the Phase One IQ250, which carries on the tradition of Phase One high-quality, medium format gear,” says Henrik O. Håkonsson, CEO and president of Phase One. “The wider ISO range in this new CMOS-based system, for example, illustrates our desire to continue pushing the envelope for our customers, to help them succeed in all their unique imaging challenges.” The new system is available now, retailing at €24,990 or $34,990. For more details, …


Hasselblad to launch CMOS sensor-based, medium format camera

“This pioneering 50-megapixel CMOS sensor camera is based on our H5D-50 model but will offer a faster capture rate, longer shutter speed capability and much greater ISO performance,” says Ove Bengtson, Hasselblad’s product manager. “It will provide greatly improved live video in Phocus and will also be available with multishot functionality.” [bjp_ad_slot] It is believed the new sensor has been developed in collaboration with Sony, which signed a partnership deal with Hasselblad in 2012. Bengtson adds: “We believe this will provide a highly compelling option for professional photographers who prefer a more versatile camera that enables them to immediately embrace a wider range of photo disciplines while still encapsulating the exceptionally high-end image quality associated with Hasselblad.” Hasselblad expects to release the new camera in March.


Hasselblad unveils its 2014 Masters

Held every two years, the Hasselblad Masters competition is open not only to users of medium or large format cameras but also to active professionals with more than three years of experience using cameras that offer resolutions of 16MP or above. This year, Hasselblad received more than 4000 entries from which 12 Masters were selected, each in their own categories. The winners are: – Architecture: Martin Schubert, Denmark – Editorial: Antonio Pedrosa, Portugal – General: Roman Jehanno, France – Fashion/Beauty: Bara Prasilova, Czech Republic – Fine Art: Rafal Maleszyk, United States – Landscapes/Nature: Hengki Koentjoro, Indonesia – Portrait: Dmitry Ageev, Russian Federation – Product: Bryn Griffiths, United Kingdom – Project/21: Paul Gisbrecht, Germany – Underwater: Chris Straley, United States – Wedding/Social: Joseph Goh Meng Huat, Singapore – Wildlife: Rafael Rojas, Switzerland “We’re delighted with the number of entries the Hasselblad Masters 2014 competition attracted,” says Hasselblad’s global photographer relations manager, Paul Waterworth, in a prepared statement. “The standard was extraordinarily high this time around, and the category winners can be truly proud of their achievements. It’s a …


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