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How to dance at a heavy metal music festival

Danish photojournalist Jacob Ehrbahn has covered a range of complex and challenging subject matter, from his award-winning Daily Life series – which followed the humdrum poverty of the American Rust Belt community of Youngstown, Ohio – to the Earthquake Aftermath, Kashmir collection, documenting the devastated towns and cities of the disputed Indian territory. For his latest book however, Ehrbahn has taken on a very different challenge: capturing the intensity of headbanging – a style of dancing associated with heavy metal music. Headbanging involves the violent shaking of the head in time with the down-beat of rock songs. Dancers thrust their heads back and forth, in circular motions, and side to side (the ‘Demon’s Whip’), making their (usually, long) hair flow wildly and chaotically. Variations within the style are numerous. The ‘Hammer of Thor’ technique involves the bashing of one’s fist on the knee in time with the cranial thrust itself, whilst the ‘Whiplash’ – one of the most hazardous moves – dispenses with musical timing, favouring a frenetic, fit-like shudder. The ‘Arschloch’ headbang, which involves the regular full-body bang …


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