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First Place - Rudoi Vladimirovich - Russian Federation

HIPA Awards – Faces category

The Russian photographer Rudoi Vladimirovich won first prize in the Faces category with a portrait of a teenage girl named Stella-Maria. It’s a classicist picture, taken in a photography studio, with the chiaroscuro lighting actively designed to evoke the Golden Hollywood era. Yet Vladimirovich is from a tiny, remote Russian city, and was unable to get a passport to attend the HIPA event. Stella-Maria herself, one gets the impression, could not be further from Hollywood if she tried. Yet everything about her captures why so much art, and so much of popular culture, remains fixated on the female form. “The shadow covering part of Stella-Maria’s face adds to her intrigue, innocence and youth,” Vladimirovich said in a statement. In second place is Kenneth Geiger’s image of Ma Ngua, a 20-year Karen Burmese soldier, taken in 1989, as she guards her post at a rebel stronghold along the border of Burma and Thailand. [bjp_ad_slot] The ethnic Burmese ‘Mon’ army was made up of 3000 soldiers, with more than 100 women fighting. Geiger found her at the end of a long, winding …


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