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Twist and Shout: The naked truth unravelling Polly Penrose’s new exhibition

On the day of our meeting, the Hoxton Gallery is a building site. The walls have been stripped, the floors are sprinkled in layers of dust mashed with wet footprints of builder’s boots and towers of cardboard pile up by the window. There is an unusually tall table – dark wood supported by a minimalist metal frame – standing by the pillar. A collection of 6×8 inch matte prints are neatly arranged on the tabletop, awaiting inspection. The empty space amplifies the sound of footsteps approaching from the stairs. Tossing back a box fringe, the London-based art photographer Polly Penrose emerges carrying two stools and crashes them down next to the table display. The said photographs are a preview of Penrose’s new exhibition, 10 Seconds, due to open at the gallery this May. “Rather than interacting with the space, I am interacting with what is in the space, and what is available to me,” Penrose says of the photography in her exhibition which, whilst still self portraits in the nude, are radically different from her previous (and ongoing) series, titled Body of …


BJP Staff