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Infinite spaces: How architectural escapes can endlessly extend into the landscape.

A new photography book by James Silverman, the Gothenburg-based photographer, seeks to demonstrate the ‘uninterrupted flow between interiors and exteriors,” he writes. “Architecture [that] is defined by elements that absorb, reflect, or deliberately break with their surroundings.’ According to a 2014 poll; clergymen, CEOs and agricultural & horticultural workers make up the top three in terms of job satisfaction. Whilst photographers do not come anywhere near the top ten, one suspects James Silverman’s particular niche – that of photographing luxury houses –  should chart well. Infinite Space is a compendium of such locales – an elegant selection of images seeking to identify and celebrate cutting-edge residential design. Silverman has spent the majority of his career in Sweden, and the country’s aesthetic style is evident in his work. Initially studying fine art at Chelsea School of Art before dropping out of a graphic design course at Manchester, the Brit discovered photography whilst journeying to India and Thailand “with a terrible point-and-shoot camera.” He reflects: ’The images were either too dark or too light […] I wanted to …


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