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The lasting effects of World War Two in Veterans

A young boy who became a French resistance fighter as just a teenager; a German fighter who lost an arm; a Kazakhstani field nurse; an Indian deployed to fight the Japanese in Burma; a Holocaust survivor who is today a Donald Trump supporter. Sasha Maslov’s photobook Veterans travels the world to meet with some of the last surviving servicemen and women of the Second World War, a conflict whose impact is still being felt some seven decades after the conflict finished.


Still dancing: Vanessa Winship discusses her work

As an exhibition of Vanessa Winship’s work continues at Fundación Mapfre in Madrid, the British photographer – the first woman to win the prestigious Henri Cartier-Bresson Award in 2011 – talks to BJP about what photography means to her, while Carlos Martín García, who curated the retrospective, discusses his vision for the exhibition. The show features 188 photographs from across Winship’s oeuvre, beginning with Imagined States and Desires: A Balkan Journey, and takes visitors through series including Black Sea: Between Chronicle and Fiction (parts 1 and 2), Sweet Nothings: Schoolgirls of Eastern Anatolia (2007), she dances on Jackson (2011-2012), which we featured in BJP last year (July 2013, volume 160, issue 7814), ending with her most recent work, Where Gold Was Found, made in Almería this year. BJP: What did you want to convey through the exhibition? Was there a particular message you wanted to get across? Vanessa Winship: I would like to convey something about fragility, about how both the landscape and the human beings who inhabit it are marked by their history and their place within in it, here and now. BJP: You describe your work as focusing “on the junction between chronicle and …


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