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The creative collective bringing Welsh photography to the forefront

While Scotland has formed a modern sense of civic nationalism and England publicly grapples with its own ideas of self-definition, the contemporary Welsh identity hasn’t been as thoroughly excavated. The creative response from artists can often be the most potent, yet the most famous writer to hail from Wales wrote, “Land of my fathers, and my fathers can keep it”. Dylan Thomas, now revered as a Welsh cultural titan, loved Wales but was ambivalent about Welsh nationalism. Perhaps then, referencing him is as bold a way to nail your colours to the mast as any. For A Fine Beginning, the Welsh photography collective who take their name from Thomas’s unfinished novel, it’s a signal of intent. The collective’s second group exhibition, Made in Wales II, will be showing at Cardiff MADE from the 9th to the 19th September, going on to London in November and finally in North Wales in March 2016. The Welsh photography collective and eponymous blog was brought together by Swansea-born James O. Jenkins as a platform for people to share work …


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