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Angela Strassheim’s nude pregnant woman – is it porn?

A photograph of a nude pregnant woman on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville, Florida, has been described as “pornographic” by the local council. City Council president Clay Yarborough is lobbying Jacksonville’s mayor, Alvin Brown, to withdraw a $230,000 grant the museum receives from the city’s Cultural Council, such is his revulsion at the photograph. The museum has stood firm, releasing a statement pledging not to remove the photograph from its public entrance area, part of an exhibition called Project Atrium, by photographer and artist Angela Strassheim. A patron for the museum described Yarborough as “ridiculous and sad” in a comment reported by news4jax. Yarborough became aware of the photograph during a lunch meeting at the museum’s restaurant. As part of a statement, he said: “While we may all differ on the definition of art, the real question is, ‘Should an adult and/or children who wish to eat at Café Nola be forcibly exposed to the picture upon entering the public, taxpayer-owned building if they do not wish to see it?’” Councilman Don Redman …


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