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ICONS – Works by Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger

Trawling through books filled with history’s most memorable photographs, the Swiss photography duo used optical tricks to reproduce what might seem impossible to duplicate – a series of moments that are now remembered as the most influential photographs ever taken, ones now credited with resulting in new creative and political movements or rebellions. Cortis, born in 1978, and Sonderegger, born 1980, have lived and worked in Zurich, Switzerland since 2001, and began collaborating during their studies at Zurich University of the Arts in 2005. Carefully considering the conditions in which each original image was made, the artists mimicked the same methods in their studio, using scale models and paying close attention to the lighting and vantage point of the camera. It was, they say, “an attempt to literally ‘re-make’ these events.”   Re-made images include the crash of the Hindenburg, the downing of the supersonic passenger jet Concorde, to the last photographic of the Titanic and the raising of the American flag on the Pacific Island of Iwo Jima during the fight with the Japanese during the end days of the Second …


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