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#BJP 7849: Modern Myths


If photography is indexically tied to the present moment, the past presents something of a challenge. Yet the features gathered here this month all draw on ancient customs and legends – from The Ramayana and The Bible to Greek mythology and traditional festivals held in Valencia and the Chiapa de Corzo in southern Mexico. What these projects record isn’t the past but the way that that the past lives on; old narratives that continue to inform lives that are also shaped by technology that would once have seemed like science fiction. And these series also show how photographers and their subjects can subvert and evolve these ancient stories, whether by using traditional carnival characters to question modern gender roles in Central America, or Classical statues to consider Western depictions of female nudes. If everything in the present day has evolved from something that went before, photographers can tunnel back through time by carefully selecting what they look at. How does our front cover fit in? Taken from Leslie Moquin’s project Shanghai Cosmetic, it seems to …


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