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Palm Photo Prize at London’s House of Vans

Work by 120 young photographers from around the world is on show in London’s House of Vans from 10 May – 03 June. Selected from an open call for the Palm Photo Prize, the show features one image per photographer and, say the organisers, “places an emphasis on raw, engaging work”. The winners will be announced online on 04 June, having been picked out by a judging panel comprising: Karen McQuaid, senior curator at The Photographers Gallery; Joshua Coon, director, content marketing & production at Kodak; Jack Harries, editor at The Heavy Collective; and Andrea Aurland, editor in chief at Huck Magazine.


Obituary: Pete James, Curator of Photography Collections at the Library of Birmingham, 1958-2018

Peter James was an instrumental figure in British photography, establishing an outstanding collection of photography at the Library of Birmingham over his 26-year career at the institution, and researching and curating exhibitions at the V&A, National Portrait Gallery, Somerset House, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Ikon Galley, the Library of Birmingham, and many more. He was also a modest and affable man, universally known as Pete and as at home over a curry as in a lecture hall delivering an academic paper. As Hilary Roberts, research curator at the Imperial War Museum, put it in a tribute on James’ Facebook page: “Pete has been a wonderful friend and exceptional colleague for more years than I can remember. His contribution to the world of photography cannot be overstated. It was a privilege to work with him and I will miss him more than I can say.”


The best of CES 2016


The new year opened with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and it proved rich pickings for pro photographers, with new flagship cameras from Nikon and Phase One, some welcome long-lens additions designed for CSC cameras, and the usual array of storage devices, action cams and drones. We round up the most intriguing new photography announcements. Kodak Super 8 Revival Initiative CES’s one genuine surprise came in an announcement from Kodak, stating it plans to revive the Super 8 format, 50 years after it first debuted. Showing a prototype that “combines the classic features of a Super 8 with digital functionality”, and with a new ‘limited edition’ camera planned for autumn, the company says it has devised a roadmap that includes a range of cameras, film development services, post production tools and more, in what amounts to a new “ecosystem for film”. It comes on the back of resurgence of interest in film within Hollywood, according to Kodak, and the new initiative has the backing of filmmakers including Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg and Star Wars writer/director JJ Abrams. Kodak is …


Kodak discontinues BW400CN film

Kodak Alaris has said that it holds “a steady decline in sales and customer usage” responsible for its decision to discontinue Professional BW400CN film. The company, which formed in September 2013 following Kodak’s reorganisation, said in a statement: “We empathise with the Pro photographers and consumers who use and love this film, but given the significant minimum order quantity necessary to coat more product combined with the very small customer demand, it is a decision we have to make.” The fine-grain chromogenic emulsion “should continue to be available in the market for up to six months, depending on demand,” the statement added. In light of the news, Ilford was quick to assure photographers that it has “no plans to discontinue Ilford XP2 Super,” a fine-grain, black and white professional ISO 400 film. In a statement released yesterday, Ilford said the product “continues to be in free supply throughout the world from Ilford Photo Distributors and Photographic Retailers.” Stay up to date with stories such as this, delivered to your inbox every Friday.


Kodak gets court approval to emerge from bankruptcy protection

The era of Kodak as a leading film manufacturer are now officially over after a US Bankruptcy Court approved the company’s plans to restructure its business to become a commercial imaging market player. Already in April, Kodak had virtually exited the film business when it sold its personalised imaging and document imaging divisions to its own UK Kodak Pension Plan. [bjp_ad_slot] Now, Kodak plans to concentrate its business on commercial printing, packaging, functional printing and professional services – markets, Kodak believes, that are “large and growing,” according to Antonio Perez, the corporation’s chairman and CEO. With the court’s approval, Kodak is now expected to emerge from bankruptcy protection on 03 September. “It will be enormously valuable for the company to get out of Chapter 11 [protection], and begin to regain its position in the pantheon of American business,” the court says in a statement. During its restructuration, Kodak reduced its legacy costs, liabilities and infrastructure, “exiting or spinning off businesses and assets that were no longer core to its future, and focusing on the company’s most …


Kodak sells two businesses to its own UK pension plan, in $650m deal

“It is an unusual deal, maybe the first of its kind,” says Laura Quatela, president of the Eastman Kodak Company and its personalised imaging business. The deal, which should allow Kodak to emerge from bankruptcy protection, will see the firm sell its personalised imaging and document imaging businesses to its own UK Kodak Pension Plan (KPP). The KPP is a “defined benefit pension plan” for current and former Kodak employees (6230 deferred members and 8610 pensioners), with assets of around £1bn and a deficit of around £1.9bn. [bjp_ad_slot] As part of the agreement, the current pension scheme will close and members will be offered the chance to join a new scheme. KPP will take ownership of both Kodak’s legacy businesses for $650m, while dropping more than $2.8bn of claims it has filed against Kodak. KPP will use both businesses to finance the pensions of the 14,840 plans it manages. “The Kodak Pension Plan in the UK is Eastman Kodak’s largest creditor in its bankruptcy,” Quatela tells BJP. “In one way or another, that liability needed to be addressed. I think this …


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