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Charting the emotional journey of a young broken-hearted woman

“There was this weight and urgency of needing to express what was happening,” says 37-year-old photographer Laura Stevens, recalling the familiar feelings of pain and confusion following the end of significant relationship two years ago, which inspired her series of portraits, titled Another November. “I was paralysed with feelings of loss, and it was as if this project was my escape route, a way to navigate me back to myself,” she says. “The series is a visual narrative on life after the end of a relationship, exploring how one copes with heartbreak and the loss of love.” Rather than placing herself in the images, Stevens chose to cast other women – friends and occasionally people she’d met – and directed them to “portray the gradual emotional and circumstantial stages along the well-trodden track of the broken-hearted”. She decided straightaway that she would only photograph women of a similar age to her who were living in Paris, her home city, “to create obvious parallels”; women who could ultimately be seen as just one woman, she says. …


BJP Staff