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Laurent Millet – Translucent Mould of Me

In his recent project, Translucent Mould of Me, Laurent Millet, who lives and works in Rochefort, France, takes the traditional self-portrait as his starting point, although what he creates is far from conventional self-portraits. In keeping with his interest in the manipulation of space and his exploration of the links between photography and sculpture, Millet created these images by choosing a space and using wire to construct shapes before improvising moves and poses in front of his view camera. The final images created with a degree of chance have the feel of performance art, and it is unclear which elements exist in the physical space inhabited by the photographer and which in the pictorial space of the image. “The idea for the project came from a desire to experiment with the possibility of creating self-portraits in a weird space that would be in between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional,” he says. “The body seems to be diluted in time and space, and the corners of the room and the wire seem to pass through it, just …


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