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Leica SL (Typ 601)

Exclusive test: first impressions of Leica’s brand new professional system camera


In a world where we expect quite different things from a compact system camera and a single lens reflex camera, it might seem a little odd to name one of the former in remembrance of one of the latter. But perhaps we need to learn not to expect the expected from Leica – a company that seems to ignore what the rest of us consider logical. The new Leica SL (Type 601) is indeed a mirrorless camera, much in the style of the Olympus OM-D, the Panasonic GH and the Fuji X-T bodies, but while other brands do all they can to distance themselves from the ‘old fashioned’ SLR, Leica seems to be embracing it. By using the name ‘SL (Type 601)’, Leica suggests that this 2015 body is in some way a descendant of the Leicaflex SL – a film SLR born in 1968 that in turn fathered the R3 in 1976. The camera is substantial indeed, lacking all hints of the miniaturisation that we have come to associate with compact system cameras. None-the-less, …


Leica celebrates its centenary with new releases

This morning Leica impressed a packed audience at Photokina with a host of new announcements. First it unveiled the Leica M-A, the brand’s new analogue model – an entirely mechanical 35mm rangefinder camera. With the £3100 M-A, Leica has done away with all things digital, including a monitor (the camera has a “large, bright viewfinder with automatic parallax compensation”), exposure metering and batteries, meaning photographers can concentrate purely on the photographs they’re taking, says the company. The Leica M-A is available in two finishes – silver chrome and black chrome – and will be on sale from October. [bjp_ad_slot] Leica also announced the Leica M Edition 60, a commemorative version of the Leica M-P digital camera (Type 240), with a Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH lens. Concentrating on the “bare functions required for digital photography”, the limited-edition camera celebrates photography’s fundamentals: shutter speed, aperture, focusing and ISO sensitivity. With this in mind, Leica has replaced the camera’s display screen with an ISO selector dial. Exposures are saved as raw data in DNG format. The Leica M Edition 60 is available from Leica stores from October. Underlining its commitment to medium format …


Weekly briefing: a round-up of this week’s technology news

New from Syrp, a New Zealand-based company specialising in affordable film equipment for DSLR cameras, is the Magic Carpet Camera Slider + Motion Control for achieving smooth tracking slider shots. With high precision ball bearing rollers, a counter weight roller for vertical shots, and quick release adjustable legs, the Magic Carpet tracking slider retails at $300 (UK price not available.) [bjp_ad_slot]The company, which is looking to crossover from the video market into photography, has also released a variable ND filter that limits the amount of light entering the lens by f/1-8.5 stops. Aimed at photographers and filmmakers, the ND filter kits are available in small (67mm) and large (82mm), and are priced $139 and $189.   Domke bags have been a particular favourite of photojournalists for nearly 40 years, thanks largely to their discreet, functional, no-nonsense approach to design. Now comes the ‘New Generation’, available across the Journalist, Metropolitan, Viewfinder and Adventure series, using a newly developed component storage system made up of of pockets, patches and pouches, and further scope to tailor the bags to your individual needs. Full details, specifications and US-only pricing here.     Kenro …


Leica announces new M-P rangefinder

Leica has unveiled its latest rangefinder camera for professional photographers – the Leica M-P is “photography stripped back to the essentials,” says the company. Featuring the latest Leica M firmware, and based on the M (Typ 240), the new camera has an enlarged buffer memory of 2GB – twice the size of that of the Leica M – allowing users to shoot up to 24 images at a continuous speed of three frames per second. [bjp_ad_slot] New features include: a scratch resistant LCD display monitor manufactured from sapphire glass (“almost unbreakable”), and manual viewfinder frame selection with the traditional frame selector. Using the frame selection lever, “bright-line frames for six different focal lengths can be projected into the viewfinder to simulate subject framing,” says the company. “The corresponding frames are shown in pairs for the focal lengths 28 and 90 mm, 35 and 135 mm or 50 and 75 mm”, meaning photographers can avoid changing lenses when framing a subject. Aimed at professional photographers, including those who use the M-System, the M-P is available in two versions: with a black-paint or a silver chrome finish. Unlike the Typ 240, the …


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