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Lina Hashim photographed the secret places young Muslim couples arrange to meet

Lina Hashim’s photography has its roots in her own childhood, in which the grand themes of family, conflict, exile and migration read like a checklist of documentary topics. Born in Kuwait to Iraqi parents, Hashim was 10 years old when Iraq invaded in 1991. “When the Iraqis came into Kuwait, my father, who had been imprisoned in Iraq for his communist activities, was on the list of people they wanted to take to jail. He was frightened, so he ran,” she tells BJP. For the family left behind, exile in Jordan, a failed attempt to claim asylum in Sweden, and deportation followed, before they finally gained refugee status in Denmark. They lost contact with the father, then found him again through pure chance and a Red Cross postcard scheme, but the stress of the intervening years took their toll. “My mother thought it was awful being alone on this trip, so awful that she had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalised upon their arrival in Denmark. So they got divorced. But they loved each other, so …


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