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Crossing the Peace Walls of Belfast with Josh Adam Jones

“People might not have a lot, but they will give you what they can. That’s true of so many Irish people. They’re a very warm and friendly and welcoming people. They will tell you stories and their lives and give you their time.” Josh Adam Jones, a student at the University of West England, Bristol, developed his project 99 Peace Walls whilst volunteering at Belfast’s photo festival this summer. The youth of the city helped him to understand the divides that are still ingrained into the culture there, and how, in spite of this, there is a warm community to be found throughout the city.


Mariusz Smiejek photographs Northern Ireland’s Bonfires

Intrigued by the huge wooden towers torched every year in Northern Ireland, Polish photographer Mariusz Smiejek got to know the people involved in building them, and found divides still being enforced years after the Good Friday Agreement – and being handed on to the next generation


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