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Maria Gruzdeva shoots a once-prosperous ghost town

Maria Gruzdeva is no stranger to remote and solitary parts of the world. Her last book, The Borders of Russia, saw her travel more than 6000km along the border of her home country, documenting the isolated communities at its edges. While shooting it she came across the near-forgotten town of Tkvarcheli, and became so intrigued it turned into a spin-off project in its own right. Her work on it has now been published as a photobook, The Song of Tkvarcheli, funded by the Gabriele Basilico International Prize in Architecture and Landscape Photography. “In the Soviet era, the region was widely known for its opulent nature, salubrious climate, seaside resorts and sanatoriums,” says Gruzdeva; Tkvarcheli was once heralded as one of the most perfectly designed towns in this feted area. “In better times, working and living in Tkvarcheli was regarded a privilege – not just by miners, but by engineers and academics as well,” she explains. “The town was created to embody a dream. An idea to create a perfect city pervaded the minds of Soviet architects …


Peter De Haan blames government for closure of arts charity

Peter De Haan, the founder of IdeasTap, has blamed government austerity for the impending closure of the arts funding and education charity, which provides funds for young creatives at the start of their career. After announcing this week the charity will close in June, with the loss of seven jobs and an end to a community-based website of almost 200,000 people, De Haan has described himself as “bitter” for the perceived lack of support his charity have received from the Arts Council and other government departments that deal with the creative industries. “I’m bitter because I see other organisations that play the politics, that get the money and waste it. They’re appalling,” he says. [bjp_ad_slot] “I can’t even get a response from Ed Vaisey,” he says of the Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries. “It’s unbelievable.” The charity has received more than 90 per cent of its £13m total funding since its creation in 2008 from De Haan’s philanthropic trust, the Peter De Haan Charitable Trust. But De Haan, who inherited from his father …


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