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Portrait of Humanity: A portrait of Russia’s mining communities

In 2016, Maxim Marmur was commissioned by the Siberian Coal Energy Company to photograph more than 20 mining, preparation and transportation facilities across Russia. The commission inspired a personal body of work, shot entirely in black and white, that attempts to go beyond industrial imagery, and into the lives of the workers Marmur encountered. The result is a series of photographs that show the harsh conditions of daily life underground, contrasted with the close bonds and spiritedness of the workers. When Marmur’s shortlisted photograph was taken, Russia’s coal industry was the sixth largest in the world: 150,000 miners – many of them based in small mining communities in the vastness of Siberia – were producing 1.1 trillion tonnes of coal each year. The close bond between the  workers is crucial to their ability to withstand the difficult and dangerous working conditions of coal mining. “Underground, everyone teams up and becomes a single organism,” says Marmur. “The safety of all the workers in the mine depends on the actions of each one of them.” The photograph …


BJP Staff