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Changing Time: How LightBox has renewed Time’s commitment to photography

Each Thursday at 4pm, the photo editors at Time Magazine gather around a projector in one of the Time-Life building’s numerous meeting rooms in New York. Once divided across different silos – the print staff on one side and the online staff on another – for the past two years they’ve been working in unison, bringing their wide variety of backgrounds together to help improve LightBox, the magazine’s dedicated online photography website. [bjp_ad_slot] Time launched LightBox on 14 May 2011 – 18 months after Kira Pollack joined the news weekly as its director of photography. “When I came to Time, I had this extraordinary opportunity to build a staff of extremely talented editors,” says Pollack. “Richard Stengel, Time’s managing editor, has a terrific eye. He’s visually astute, so it was exciting to be in a place where you share the same point of view as your boss. And one of the big tasks I was confronted with when coming in was how to integrate the print staff with the digital staff. One way to do that was through LightBox.” More than just a …


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