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Vintage Glamour In London’s East End

Two years ago, when Martin Usborne and Ann Waldvogel set up Hoxton Mini Press, they did so with the intention of producing collectable art books about “the city’s most exciting and vibrant area” – London’s East End. They have stayed true to that vision, so far producing more than 10 books, each of which has proved as eclectic in nature as the area represented. Vintage Glamour sees curator Michael Greisman and Frank Harris, both keen amateur photographers and collectors, bring together a selection of the work of Whitechapel-based studio photographer Boris Bennett. The images, many of which have been restored to their original pristine condition by Greisman and Harris, were taken between 1927 to the mid-1950s, a period of time in which Bennett was the go-to photographer of the Jewish community in the East End. A mononymous celebrity in his own right, he was simply known as Boris. Boris was born Boris Sochaczewska in 1900 to a Jewish family that ran a textile business in Ozokoff, Poland. Aged 18, he moved to Paris, where he …


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