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EyeEm photo-sharing app aims to enable photographers to sell their images

“Your photos will always remain yours and nothing will ever be done with them without your consent. Being photographers ourselves, there’s nothing we value more than our community’s rights and privacy. If a platform makes benefits, it must be through an opt-in program and revenue-sharing with the creators. Period.” This statement, published by EyeEm on 18 December 2012, was released a few hours after the photo-sharing, Facebook-owned application Instagram found itself in a controversy when it announced that it would start using its contributors’ images in advertisements. [bjp_ad_slot] EyeEm had been around for more than a year when this controversy erupted. Until then, it had failed to make major inroads in the bitterly contested mobile photo-sharing scene. But this statement, and Instagram’s users’ anger, would put the small Berlin-based company on the map. “The idea for EyeEm goes back to 2010, when a few friends came together after they realised the potential of mobile photography,” says Severin Matusek, EyeEm’s head of content and community. “One of our founders, Florian Meissner, was working for a photography magazine in New York and, during …


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