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Mouna Karray’s Exploration of Tunisia’s Neglected People

Taken across various landscapes of the Tunisian south, Mouna Karray’s works present a figure shrouded in a white sheet photographed against rural, desolate backdrops. The series started during an artist residency at Dream City Biennial of Contemporary Art in Public Space, in Tunis, and was produced from 2012 to 2015. It is being shown in its entirety for the first time. “I went back to the Tunisian southwest, its silent poverty, its mineral loneliness, its arid and forgotten soils whose foundations were rich with minerals, which have been confiscated and stripped from these oppressed – but not submissive – souls,” says Mouna Karray. “I took the road that crosses these dusty lands, an area that is both lifeless and inhabited, where the captive figure moves. This body is moving within this universe as its matrix; it extracts itself with a gesture that breaks its confinement.” “In its struggle, in its encounters, in its wanderings, this body is a figure of resistance, a figure pushing for freedom and the re-enchantment of a forgotten land.” Considered one of the …


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