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Siegert Collection: Surrealist Photography, 1920 to 1950

As photography began to spread amongst Europe’s artistic communities of the 19th century, so a debate raged, one that, in many respects, is still alive today. Can photography be capable of more fully and accurately depicting life than painting? Photography is a mechanical representation of reality. But, for many artists at the time, it was also inherently inferior. In response, throughout the 1920s, the Pictorialist movement emerged, in which photography followed the rules of painting to lend it greater artistic authority. It’s this tension the new exhibition in Zurich explores, its central themes exploring the Neues Sehen, or ‘New Vision’ in Germany, as opposed to the Surrealism moment in Paris, and the avant-garde movement that came out of Prague. The show encompasses some 220 photographs, a selection of historical photography books and magazines as well as rare artists’ books, showing portraits, nudes, objects, architecture, and photographic experiments which “play with the divides between the real and the surreal.” Several famous examples of surrealist filmmaking, including An Andalusian Dog by Louis Buñuel or Berlin Still Life by László Moholy-Nagy, illustrate the exchange between …


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