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Remembering Nicolas Tikhomiroff

Born in Paris, France, to Russian parents, and educated at boarding school. Tikhomiroff joined the French army just after the Liberation of Paris, when he was just 17. Tikhomiroff started his career as a photographer after finding work in the darkroom of a fashion photographer. Using a Rolleiflex, he began to take photographs for magazines like Marie France. In 1956, he met Michel Chevalier leading him to accompany the French journalist  as a freelance photographer. This relationship resulted in long trips to the Soviet Union, Africa, and the Middle East. Tikhomiroff joined Magnum in 1959 and completed numerous photo stories on subjects such as the Algerian War, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. He also contributed to an important Magnum project on World Cinema, meeting and photographing film directors like Orson Welles, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti. He developed a close friendship with Welles while photographing the filming of The Trial and Falstaff. Tikhomiroff retired from professional activities in 1987, but he continued working on his personal projects in France. Magnum member Bruno Barbey says of Nicolas: “As well as a very important …


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