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Interview: Jesús Madriñán’s portraits of the party-goers

“Breaking onto a dance floor with a large format camera and a portable photography studio, as in my case, paralyses everything that happens,” says Jesús Madriñán, a Spanish photographer whose nightlife photos document the 21st century youth in different communities across the world. He is looking for an unique authenticity from his participants: “For me that’s really interesting: it gives them the opportunity to express themselves in front of the camera and in front of the eyes of the others.”


The urban alienation of Moscow’s harsh winters

On the one hand, Catalan photographer Salvi Danés’ series Black Ice, Moscow depicts daily life in the Russian capital; on the other, it addresses more universal fears about personal alienation and isolation. The 31 year old, who was born in Barcelona and has lived in the city all his life, decided to turn his attention to Moscow after completing a project in Tokyo. “It was the winter of 2011-12 and my intention was to face another urban reality, to find common elements along the same lines as the previous project,” he says. “My first project focused on the alienating urban dynamics of Tokyo – a modern, highly connected society with new technologies and an economic and social situation admired by many nations. I wanted to transport this concept to a city with different traditions.” Danés spent almost a month photographing in Moscow, looking for busy places where he could stop and observe without being noticed. He talks of the city as being “full of companions but empty of partners”, and in most of the images, people are pictured alone. Many …


HIPA Awards – Night Photography

The Chinese Photographer Peng Li won the $15,000 prize in the Night Photography category with this photograph of an ancient Chinese ‘Diaojiaolou’ house in the town of Fenghuang, located near the Tuojiang River in Hunan province. Diaojiaolous, which translate loosely as ‘hanging house, are built on hillsides, with long pillars acting as downhill-facing foundations. They are often used as informal hotels in Hunan province; at night, red lanterns are used to light the buildings. Ho Sung Wee, from Malaysia, won second place for his photograph of sulphuric fire fishing, a traditional method used by fisherman near Jinshan, Taiwan. Fishermen add water to sulphuric soil to produce acetylene, creating a light that attracts Harengula fish, who leap out of the water. [bjp_ad_slot] Nguyễn Minh Tân’s depiction of the traffic chaos at an intersection in his native Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, won third place. Bicycles were once used for people to get around in a city of eight million people, but is now dominated by motorbikes. With the city’s population growing and vehicle ownership increasing, the city is unable to cope …


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