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BJP #7864: The Portrait Issue

The Portrait Issue returns this September just as The British Journal of Photography launches the return of Portrait of Britain, which will once again appear on digital JCDecaux screens across the country, in partnership with photography giant Nikon. Portraits have a rare capacity to capture a person, family and community in a way that reshapes a narrative or empowers an entire group of people. Each photoseries in this issue manages to shed new light on an individual or group and move beyond stereotypes to find a more honest truth – whether with a Roma group in the south of France, or a working class neighbourhood in The Netherlands.


BJP #7829: Creative Alchemy

“I love photography passionately, and want to feel it’s a vital and viable medium for today, not an historic artefact. So I struggle to make images that excite me by both exploring the world and the medium itself,” says Paul Graham in an interview with Gerry Badger in the October issue of British Journal of Photography, explaining some of the thought processes that went in to the creation of his latest book, Does Yellow Run Forever?, which follows his acclaimed trilogy, American Night, a shimmer of possibility and The Present. “I don’t wish to explain this work away, but […it…] approaches head-on some clichés: photographs of rainbows!; and here’s one of my girlfriend! Any thinking person will be aware of the dumb ridiculousness of that proposition, but in fact, the surprise is the depth you can find in something that seems so superficial: dreams; love; hope; magical wonders versus the clear-eyed reality. The alchemy you can work, with a few basic elements.” [bjp_ad_slot] This last sentiment sums up the theme of issue #7829, which also features …


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