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Hand Jobs: The Curious World of Hand Modelling

“I don’t even like bananas,” laughs commercial photographer Oli Kellett. “I hate them, hate the smell of them.” On the table in front, lies a small yet character-full photobook. Printed by the Hoxton Mini Press, the book is bound in a luminous yellow, appearing even brighter as it reflects the sunlight coming through the café window. The cover photograph on shows a pair of tanned, manly hands, delicately peeling a banana. Kellett is visibly amused at the title, Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model. Three years ago, he and his ex professional partner and friend, Alex Holder, were working on an advertising job and spotted a woman sitting on the sidelines of the shoot, reading a book and wearing a pair of puffy thick gloves. She has been there for seven days, waiting for the moment where she would be called into the spotlight, so that her un-blemished, modeling hands could be filmed turning the page of a book. The duo was intrigued and inspired, and began working on a project that would seek …


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