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What does a week’s worth of food look like around the world?

OpenWalls Arles is an international photography award exhibiting contemporary work in historic locations around the world. The 2020 edition is now on show at Galerie Huit Arles until 05 September In an 8×8 metre tin hut on a construction site outside Mumbai, Anchal Sahni [above] sits down to dinner with her parents and two siblings: homemade aloo bhindi (okra and potatoes simmered in curry) and chapati (flatbread) from scratch, with a side of lentils. There is one tap of running water on the entire site. Anchal has a healthier diet than many middle-class children in India, who can afford to eat out: in Mumbai, a medium Domino’s pizza costs 13 dollars — nearly three times what Anchal’s father earns in a day. In the West, awareness has been burgeoning around the harm of ultra-processed foods packed with salt, fat and sugar. While awareness hasn’t led to substantial change in our behaviour (since the rise of corn syrup alone, the incidence of diabetes in America has tripled), corporations — who promote junk foods to the masses …


“Will I ever see my freedom?”: Powerful Portraits of Daily Life from OpenWalls Arles 2020

OpenWalls is an international photography award exhibiting contemporary work in prestigious and historic locations around the world At work, at leisure, awake, asleep, in the street, in reflection. The everyday is, according to 20th century French philosopher Maurice Blanchot, that which is “most difficult to discover”: it is “what we are first of all, and most often”; it is ourselves, ordinarily. But the immediate proximity of our everyday renders its beauty hard to appreciate.  When ‘Daily Life’ was chosen as one of two themes for OpenWalls Arles 2020 — a look at the small moments, the ordinary routines, that make up human existence — we had no idea the exhibition would fall in such an extraordinary year. At the time of writing, the world is slowly emerging from lockdown, persisting through a pandemic that continues to magnify cracks in our systems. Following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesotan police in May, the Black Lives Matter movement has erupted around the globe. Across oceans and borders, ways of thinking, acting and existing …


Announcing our second OpenWalls 2020 exhibition

Earlier this summer, we celebrated the opening of our very first OpenWalls exhibition in Arles, during the 50th edition of Les Rencontres d’Arles. We also welcomed entries to the second edition of the award, calling photographers to interpret the theme Growth. Now, Galerie Huit Arles is expanding next year’s exhibition space to accommodate the work of 20 winning images responding to the theme Daily Life. OpenWalls is an international award aimed at creating opportunities for photographers to exhibit their work around the globe. Following the success of our inaugural edition, next year, the OpenWalls exhibition will also take place in Arles. The award will culminate in two group shows held at Galerie Huit Arles, a 17th century mansion and gallery space that has been at the heart of photography in Arles for over a decade. The first group show, for which the open call ended earlier this summer, will feature 48 single images and two bodies of work. Entries to the second group show are now open; this will feature 20 winning images. The theme …


OpenWalls Arles 2020: The privilege of peace

We are expanding the exhibition space for OpenWalls Arles 2020. As part of this second open call, we are highlighting photographers whose work relates to the theme: Daily Life. Calls open on Tuesday 10 September 2019 at 2pm (UK time). “American suburbs are, or at least were, the American Dream,” says Taylor Dorrell, “but for kids growing up there, they’re a boring place they want to leave.” Dorrell’s series White Fences explores the lives of teenagers growing up in suburban communities in America’s Midwest. Centred around New Albany, Ohio, where he grew up, the project reflects on the mundanity associated with suburban life, but also captures the beauty of uneventfulness. “There are peace and privilege in this boredom,” he explains. “The suburbs are where nothing happens, but where former generations aspired, and fought, to get to.”  Dorrell began shooting White Fences after completing several projects that focused on US politics. In 2016, he photographed Swing State, which followed the presidential election in Ohio, observed through rallies and protests. “I was interested in making something in …


OpenWalls Arles 2020: Daily Life on the remote island of Eigg

We are expanding the exhibition space for OpenWalls Arles 2020. As part of this second open call, we are highlighting photographers whose work relates to the theme: Daily Life. Calls open on Tuesday 10 September 2019 at 2pm (UK time). The Hebridean Isle of Eigg is a ferry ride away from the Scottish mainland. Owned by the people living there, the community of Eigg was one of the first to buy its home from a rogue Laird. Last year, the community celebrated the 20th anniversary of its £1.5 million buyout of the island. As a result, self-sufficiency and independence are intrinsic to the community. “Life on the island is deeply rooted in friendships and the sharing of burdens,” explains photographer Danny North. “There are no police, no crime, and everything works perfectly.” North began photographing the people of Eigg after feeling lost living in Deptford, South London. On a previous holiday in Skye, a skipper had told him about an island with a population of less than 100. “I was going through great personal turmoil,” …


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