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The View From the Train – Patrick Keiller

It was 1977, and Patrick Keiller realised he had spent a decade living in London. To mark the occasion, he decided to document the buildings that most caught his eye. “They seemed to admit the possibility of a more inclusive transformation of everyday surroundings,” he writes in the introduction of his new book A View From the Train, “And I began to think they might be subjects for cinematography.“ In this attempt to understand through film how a city might “replace its built environment,” a remarkable career was born. Keiller, now 63, is one of Britain’s foremost documentary photographers, filmmakers and essayists, a man uniquely capable of communicating the relationship between architecture, photography and film as a way of understanding communal urban life in all its ceaseless complexity. Born in 1950 in the seaside town of Blackpool and raised in Northumberland, Keiller arrived in London a few weeks after his seventeenth birthday to become an architecture student. He went on to work, variously, as an architect, photographer and filmmaker, artist, teacher, journalist and essayist. Perhaps …


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