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Patty Carroll’s domestic pleasures

There is more to Patty Carroll’s draped portraits than meets the eye. At first glance playful and lighthearted, they depict female models swathed in fabric that camouflages them against their surroundings. “I have a pretty good sense of humour,” says the Chicago-based photographer. “I don’t like it when artists take themselves too seriously.” But beneath the fun, the images touch on deeper-rooted themes – female domesticity and identity, and the relationship between the two. “The work is from my ongoing obsession with the idea of home – what it means, where it is, and what it feels and looks like,” explains Carroll. “Sometimes the home can be a place to hide in, or where you silently go about chores that nobody ever notices. It can be a place of contemplation and mystery, myth, or a familiar place to go, but also a place where personal psychodramas get played out.” Carroll first got the idea for Anonymous Women: Draped when she was living in London with her husband – the couple relocated to England from the …


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