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Paul Kenny’s Land and Sea

The concept for ‘Seaworks’ arose whilst Kenny was scouring a beach in Mayo, Ireland, in 2000. He stumbled upon  a 7UP bottle with a message inside that had been washed up on the shore. The bottle had taken seven years to cross the Atlantic from Fado Island, off Newfoundland, and was covered in thousands of scratches that had been left by the tide, rocks and barnacles whilst at sea. Inspired by the idea of nature leaving its mark on the man-made object, Kenny started cutting up bottles to create his works. Working without a camera, Kenny creates small plates or slides laden with objects found on his wanderings – leaves, flowers, shells and rocks. Each plate is then scanned to produce abstract large-scale photographs rich with opalescent colours, which take on the form of imagined landscapes. Kenny’s ‘O Hanami’ series is named after the Japanese festival that celebrates the few short days of cherry blossom blooms before they are swept away by the wind. “I sought out beauty and fragility in the scraps of gathered …


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