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Photo España: Déjà Vu?

The question mark is very important, says Susan Bright of the title of her latest curatorial venture, Déjà Vu?. As guest curator at the 22nd edition of the Photo España photofestival, which opened on 05 June in Madrid and runs to 01 September, Bright has put together five exhibitions along the theme of identity – or rather, how contemporary photography has drawn on or borrowed from the past. How are artists returning to what’s gone before, and what does the past really tell us about how they are working with photography today? These are among the questions Bright explores through the work of six international artists: Elina Brotherus, Clare Strand, Délio Jasse, Patrick Pound, Laura Letinsky and Sharon Core. “I worked on Elina’s show, Playground, in Finland, and Photo España was already taking that show, so when I was invited to be guest curator, everything had to work around that,” explains the British curator, who is based in Paris. “It could have gone in the direction of performance, or in all sorts of ways, but …


BJP Staff