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Advertorial: Photographers – make the internet work for you

Photographers are well acquainted with the need for an online presence. A domain is not only a name for your website – it is nowadays a key marketing element for success.  However, domain names are often chosen in haste at the start of a photography business venture and are rarely revised. Technology company 1&1, a global leader in web hosting, are releasing 1000 new Top-Level-Domains over the coming years, and photographers can now benefit from business specific domain endings, including .photography or .camera. Newly created businesses often find their desired name has already been taken. But these new domains will allow start-ups unique and specific domain names. Wedding Photographer Ben Bull is just one of many to have already successfully registered a .photography domain name. He said: “After a career in sales, I decided to start my own business around four years ago. I’ve always been quite tech savvy and pretty up to date with the whole online world and domains. But it seems I was a little late off the mark. When it came …


BJP Staff