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Lili Jamail’s Rollercoaster

The name of Lili Jamail’s new exhibition, Rollercoaster, has a personal significance. “The group of photographs is about emotional ups and downs,” says the photographer. “I began working on the grouping at the beginning of the year, which started off really rough for me.” Jamail, whose mother taught her how to use her first film camera, is referring to a break-up. “I really felt like I was alone, and I knew that the only way I was going to get out of it would be by learning how to make myself feel whole on my own,” she continues.  The exhibition, which is on show at Team Gallery, New York, comprises a selection of images that embody the emotional rollercoaster Jamail experienced — the ups and downs of heartbreak. The photographer’s practice is rooted in an autobiographical approach. Jamail documents the every day, specifically moments that may seem unremarkable. “Situations that are usually missed, like quiet time at home, or a space that you may have just passed when you were walking at night, which you …


BJP Staff