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Love and Lead – how paparazzi dealt truth and fiction in terror-stricken Rome

It was early on the morning of 16 March 1978. Italy’s former Prime Minister, was sitting in the back of a blue Fiat, his driver inching through the labyrinthine streets of rush-hour Rome. Moro was heading to the Italian Parliament, where he was due to chair a vote for a new government that might, for the first time, make the Italian Communist Party a party of government – the first step in what he had called “the historic compromise” between Parliamentary Social Democracy and Euro-Communism. Oreste Leonardi, a high-ranking carabiniere and his chief bodyguard, sat beside him; following his Fiat was a white Alfetta manned by three armed security agents. Driving down Via Fani – a tight road in a shady part of town – Moro’s car was hit by another Fiat, which came screeching in from a side road. A second vehicle arrived from behind, hemming Moro’s convoy in. A hail of bullets tore through the air as four uniformed men emerged from the bushes, semi-automatic weapons held to their shoulders. Leonardi was killed …


BJP Staff