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Helping refugees starts in London with Giles Duley’s interactive exhibition

“The exhibition just becomes this transition point. There will be new artwork created by the exhibition. I think that’s exciting: it means it becomes alive. These often tragic stories will continue living in other forms, whether through painting or through music, so it’s about making the exhibition a place of life and a celebration of that life,” says Giles Duley, the photographer who has spent months travelling Europe and the Middle East to document the refugee crisis with UNHCR. Taking images from his photobook, I Can Only Tell You What I See, the display will feature artists in residence, a soundscape from Massive Attack and will host an evening supper so as visitors can sit and discuss the work and the wider problems surrounding the refugee crisis.


Photojournalism and responsibility in Jan Grarup’s epic new book

“I meet people with more empathy and more care towards one another in war situations or in conflict around the world than I have ever experienced in Europe. People want to share the little they have with me because I have talked to them and shown an interest in them,” says Jan Grarup. His work has taken him to the sites of the worst conflicts – from obvious examples such as Iraq and Iran, to forgotten areas like the Central African Republic. Each place he visits, he stays to learn about the culture and customs of the people before taking their photographs. In these places of despair and destruction, Grarup often finds hope and resilience. But the Western world needs to be more active and share the responsibility to help these regions return to a peaceful existence.


Getty Images announces its 2017 grant winners

“The recipients of the 2017 Getty Images Editorial Photography Grants are working at the cutting edge of photojournalism, ensuring that often ignored global issues are brought to the forefront of public consciousness,” said Hugh Pinney, Vice President of News, Getty Images. This year’s winners see projects taking place in war torn Mosul, documenting the unrest in Venezuela and refugees seeking new homes in Europe.


Breaking Into Europe From a Refugee’s Perspective

In 2015, KEO Films gave cameraphones to migrants and refugees, following their journeys over thousands of miles and across a total of 26 countries. By filming their journeys, the refugees show us places nowhere else could go. What emerges is a portrait of Biblical proportions, of the biggest movement of people since the Second World War. Last year, Europe was subject to the largest movement of people since the Second World War. More than 920,000 migrants are estimated to have travelled to Europe by sea alone in 2015, according to the International Organisation for Migration. More than 800,000 came from the civil wars of the Middle East, through Turkey, and into the rich heart of Europe. Others fled the wars and famine that define parts of sub-Saharan Africa, taking boats from Libya and Egypt, across the Mediterranean to Greece, Sicily and Italy. The terrible human cost of such treacherous journeys started to become apparent. On our news channels, we became inured to footage, week by week, of inflatable dinghies perilously packed with people and controlled …


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