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Obituary: John Reardon, photographer and picture editor, 1951-2018

“People say that John was brilliant but tricky, but he was only difficult if you were being mediocre,” says Sacha Lehrfreund, John Reardon’s long term partner and one-time colleague. “In a professional capacity he wanted to be excellent. He pushed it beyond a point that was comfortable for lots of people, but he made you better than you might otherwise be.”
“John Reardon was an artist,” says Greg Whitmore, picture editor of The Observer and another former colleague. “You can see it the photographs of Handsworth cricket fans, the Kosovan woman and baby, the portrait of Fergus Henderson…John was one of the greats of his generation.” John Reardon, a celebrated photojournalist who went on to shoot equally celebrated celebrity portraits for The Observer, has died aged 66.


A tribute to Rhonda Wilson

Rhonda Wilson MBE, one of the nation’s champions of the photographic arts, has died at the age of 61. The creative force behind the Rhubarb–Rhubarb International Festival of the Image, Rhonda died on Thursday 06 November 2014 after a debilitating term of severe depression. Born in Birmingham on 17 August 1953, Rhonda began her career in the 1970s as a trainee journalist with D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. in Dundee, working on the popular Jackie magazine as a music editor, stylist, photographer and problem page agony aunt. Returning to Birmingham in 1980, she worked as a graphic designer, moving on to develop her skills as a photographer and subsequently building an international reputation for progressive photographic campaigns around low pay and homelessness. The Age of the Elders exhibition showcased people from different cultures growing old in the city together, for example, while From The Heart of the City drew together 80 portraits of women, while Worth Paying For was commissioned by the West Midlands Low Pay Unit. Rhonda also partnered with Ming de Nasty in 1989 to …


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