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Salvi Danes: “Neither I nor the landscape will ever be the same again”

Shot on the streets of Moscow over one month, Salvi Danes’ Black Ice was “tied to an eagerness to discover a new world through the lens”. Black Ice was picked up by BJP, Foam, Camera Austria and many more last year; his new project, Transmontanus, does something very different, depicting his friends, family and partner in Emporda, northeast Catalonia, where he spent much of his childhood. Personal and emotive, the images are a deliberately oblique take on a region “rich in natural areas”. “Transmontanus is like a topographic fable where biography and topography mix,” he says. “We live in a world of colour, in a world of reality and of the present. The dreamlike tone – sometimes one of regression, of memories – is strengthened by the use of black and white, and of light.” “Both a journal and a journey back to a landscape we knew as children”, the project’s title references both its direct translation – “further from the mountains” – and the tramuntana wind that often occurs in Emporda. “An agent of …


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